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Peter F Surai
Peter F Surai
United Kingdom

Peter Surai has his expertise in animal and human nutrition and published a number of papers as well as two books (“Natural Antioxidants in Avian Nutrition and Reproduction”, 2002; and “Selenium in Nutrition and Health”, 2006) which became textbooks for animal nutritionists. His recent research is devoted to the development of effective strategies to fight commercially relevant stresses in livestock/animal production. He successfully transferred vitagene concept from medical sciences (Calabrese et al., 2007-2016) to animal and poultry sciences (Surai and Fisinin, 2016) and developed stress-prevention programs based on supplying vitagene-regulating nutrients to farm animals via drinking water. He has been awarded honorary professorships in nutritional biochemistry at various universities in the UK, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine and become a foreign member of Russian Academy of Sciences. For the last 15 years he has been lecturing all over the world visiting more than 70 countries.

Research Interest

animal and human nutrition

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