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We know the food that we eat is digested and absorbed it is utilized by the body. Food helps us in staying healthy. Our diet should be such that it meets our nutritional requirements and thus helps us in our health. Although food occupies the first position in the hierarchy of our needs, ignorance of many basic facts relating to food and nutrition is still widespread.  We would discuss various topics such as Food & Nutritional Immunology, Food & Nutritional Toxicology, Food & Nutritional Metabolomics, Synthetic vitamins, Nutraceuticals and Functional, Food & Nutritional Disorders, Community nutrition and nutrition deficiency, Current Research in Food Science and Technology and welcome your ideas, innovations and research to spread more awareness. 

  • Food & Nutritional Immunology
  • Food & Nutritional Toxicology
  • Food & Nutritional Metabolomics
  • Synthetic vitamins, Nutraceuticals and Functional
  • Food & Nutritional Disorders
  • Community nutrition and nutrition deficiency
  • Current Research in Food Science and Technology

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