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Suhair Abdalla Khalil Abdalla
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Saudi Arabia

Suhair Abdalla Khalil Abdallah has completed her PhD in Clinical Nutrition from Ahfad University for Women, Sudan. She is a Clinical Dietitian at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She has long experience of 18 years in clinical nutrition field.


The rising prevalence of obesity and its associated morbidity and mortality are placing significant strain on Saudi's health-care system. The present case study examines the weight loss attempts of a 53-year-old male patient weighing 200 kg (body mass index 57.3 kg/m2) in the setting of an acute hospital outpatient clinic. The patient is known case of morbid obesity, DM, HTN on medications, gout, secondary infertility, and sleep apnea on C pap. The patient was referred to nutrition clinic for his weight control, as case of secondary infertility and uncontrols diabetes, hypertension beside other health problems related to his obesity. Because of the need for rapid weight reduction, a novel inpatient approach to weight loss was adopted, using low-calorie diet (LCD) and regular exercise (45-60 minutes daily). The LCD intervention was prescribed in conjunction with medical management, regular physical activity, and dietary counseling. Serial anthropometric and biochemical measurements were obtained throughout the treatment period. The patient achieved a 90-kg weight loss (45% initial body weight) over a ten-month of follow up. Improvements in obesity-related co morbidities and the patient's overall health condition were also observed during his follow up. Total weight loss at 10 months of follow up 90 kg (45% initial body weight), improved in Hba1c to normal reference range and stopped OHG, Controlled HTN pt back to normal Blood Pressure reading and stopped medication, sleep apnea management and no C.pap use. Pregnancy occurred. The use of LCD with exercise in a motivated individual in a controlled hospital outpatient clinic, along with input from the multidisciplinary team, resulted in substantial and sustained weight loss with improved health outcomes. In conclusion obesity is preventable and treatable. LCD and physical exercise can produce weight loss that can be maintained and help in improve the overall health of obese patient.

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