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Ruzaina Ishak
University of Lincoln, United Kingdom

Ruzaina Ishak completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Science (Food Technology) — Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia, 2015 and Master of Science (Food Processing & Engineering) — Universiti Putra Malaysia, 2006, Bachelor of Science (Food Studies) — Universiti Putra Malaysia, 2002. She is a Senior Lecturer and Program Manager from Management and Science University, Malaysia (MSU). She has 13 years teaching in tertiary level and also involved with research. She also has experience working with government research centre as Research Officer (Edible Packaging-emulsion) at Malaysian Agricultural, Research and Development Institute (MARDI). She started her career as intern student at Malaysian Airlines Catering and Alor Setar General Hospital (Dietetic Unit). After graduated her Bachelor, She worked as Assistant Purchasing Officer at retailing company named Japan United Stores Company (JUSCO) specialised in Fast food department which is now known as AEON. She did one year research attachment under UNESCO Fellowship at Jiangnan University, China. My subject experts are Food Chemistry and Biochemistry, Food Processing and Preservations. She did involve as food bowl quiz judge for national level organised by Malaysian Institute for Food Technologist (MIFT), research judge for invention and innovation competition for universities in Malaysia. She involved as journal reviewer for International Food and Agribusiness Management Association World Symposium & Journal (US), International Journal of Dairy Science since 2010, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation. Her majoring is food hydrocolloids, emulsion and edible packaging for food product.


From farm to fork represented ‘food miles’. Customer nowadays craving for a better food products in a minute. Therefore, highly food processing technology being in demanding. Singapore and Chow Mein noodle sauces were produced by rapid cooking (steam infusion) and cooled by rapid cooling system. Samples were collected after pump and after rapid cooling process. Both were stored at chill and freeze conditions. Samples were analysed for particle size, viscosity, colour and appearance. Carrots were run and analysed as part of the ingredients as particulate samples. Samples were collected using the same method and analysed for colour and texture. Viscosity measurement for Singapore and Chow Mein noodle sauces showed that there were no different (P<0.05) except Chow Mein at chilled condition. No different for particle size and colour as well. However, the appearance showed that rapid cooling samples slightly diluted. For particulates (carrot), the temperature slightly increased from 4.4°C up to 6.1°C (during 1 hour). There were no different for % of whole destroy for both process but only showed significantly (P>0.05) different from raw carrot. There were firmness reduction for carrot after rapid cooling process compared to after pump samples. Colour of carrots show no different. Overall, rapid cooling process produced high quality sauces and particulates in a very short time.

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