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Oparaocha Evangeline Tochi
Federal University of Technology, Nigeria

Sis. (Dr) Evangeline Oparaocha a Nigerian of Imo State extraction joined the Department of Public Health Technology in September, 2004 as a senior lecturer. She rose to the rank of a Reader in October, 2008, and is awaiting the final approval of her promotion to a professor. From May 1997 to July 2004, she lectured in the Department of Biological Sciences of the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Abia State, having taught for some years at Fatima College, Ikire, Osun State. Her postgraduate studies were done at the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria, while her undergraduate studies were at the Rivers State, University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt. In 2005 she went to Harvard School of Public Health for a certificate course in Ethical Issues in International Health Research. Her classical researches have been in the area of malaria control through the use of local herbs. Sr (Dr) Oparaocha has travelled extensively for conferences and workshops overseas and within the country. She is a happy and friendly nun and has won three awards from her students for academic excellence, hard work and integrity. Outside the academic world she is a poet, a musician and a dramatist.


The antioxidant activity the leaf extract of Gnetum bucholzianum was evaluates using 20 wistar rats which were divided into 2groups of 10rats per group. Group 1 served as control while Group II was administered with the extract of Gnetum bucholzianum at dose of 100mg for 14days. The result obtained showed that treatment with extract of Gnetumbucholzianum at doses of 100mg/kg caused a significant (P<0.05) change in antioxidant activities of the treated rats when compared with the control. This result suggests that the leaf extract of Gnetum bucholzianum could probably serve as a potential natural product for treatment of ailment associated with oxidative stress. Hence, consumption of Gnetum bucholzianum which the local people use for preparing soup has beneficial effect.

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