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Ogunsile Seyi Elizabth
Ekiti State University, Nigeria

Ogunsile Seyi Elizabth is working at the Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. Ogunsile Seyi Elizabth has published many research papers in National and International journals.


The intense developmental changes that characterise the period of adolescence, makes it a period of increased nutritional need. However certain factors like increased mobility, the crave for independence and acceptance by peers, greater time spent in school or at work, which show up during adolescent period, often affect adolescents’ food choices so that many of them are not able to fulfil their nutritional needs. To facilitate voluntary adoption of healthy food choices, adolescents need to be properly guided through nutrition education. This is expected to enhance adolescents’ nutrition related knowledge, attitude and practice. To ensure effectiveness of nutrition education among adolescents, it is essential to adopt creative strategies that will capture the attention of adolescents and facilitate retention of what is learnt. This is because adolescents learn best when they are involved in nutrition education. Songs, computer games, board games and drama, are some of the innovative strategies that can be used to complement the conventional teaching method to implement nutrition education progamme among adolescents. Key words: Innovative strategies, nutrition education, knowledge, adolescents, practice

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