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Mohamed Radwan
CR AODA, Egypt

Mohamed Radwan is a physician with a bachelor degree in Medicine from The Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. He presented his Assay on “The health hazards among Children due to the use of food additives” for the fulfillment of The Master Degree in Pediatrics. Dr. Radwan specialized in Weight management and, acquired The MS Degree in Nutritional Sciences. With his 7 year experience as the head of the nutritional and obesity unit in The 6th of October University Hospital, he was able to meet many cases from the university’s students who suffer from PCOs and Overweight, therefore, enabling him -with the assistance of the Gynecology department- to study more and focus on this common syndrome.


Polycystic ovary syndrome is becoming very common among girls from ages 14 to 21 years old alongside women in their childbearing period. A combination of menstrual irregularities, overweight or obesity, insulin resistance (type2 diabetes) and symptoms of virilization are characteristics of these cases. A multidisciplinary team should be involved in managing these cases and may consist of a Gynecologist, endocrinologist, nutritionist and a psychologist. The role of nutritionists is crucial in these cases in weight reduction and nutritional management. It is mandatory to present some questions that may help in expanding further our understanding of the nutritional management of this syndrome, such as; 1) Is it an easy process to reduce weight of PCO patients? 2) What is the most suitable nutritional plan for these cases? 3) Is it successful to use one diet plan for all patients or a specific plan tailored for each patient? Based on these questions, we will summarize the medical nutritional therapy and weight management in PCO patients and highlight the best eating plan and dietary composition in the treatment of these women. We will also discuss the role of dieticians in treating PCOs and overcoming the Challenges these women face.

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