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Mainora, a civil servant in charge of Bireuen District Health Office, Aceh, Indonesia as manager of Nutrition program. She is currently studying at the University of Indonesia public health postgraduate


Systems approach in management is an approach in improving health care quality in integral. The system is made up of several components that influence each other; these components are the input, process and output. Authors are interested in seeing the analysis of nutrient management programs in health centers in the county health department because of several factors, namely Bireuen energy, less weight infants and the ability of local administration. Purpose to analyze how the management of nutrition programs in health centers in the area of Bireuen district health office with a systematic approach consists of three components, namely input, process, output. Descriptive study design evaluation studies that use the research to assess a program that is being or has been done to repair or improvement program conducted in May 2012. The sample population was 18 people and Implementing Energy Nutrition (Nutrition Coordinator) health centers in 18 health centers in the area of Bireuen district health department. Results: The component input has not been a good nutrition program, because the new 44% good and 56% are still lacking. Component of the nutrition program has not been good, because only 39% good and 61% are still lacking. Nutritional components of program output is still not good because only 11% good and 89% are still lacking. Conclusion: Components of nutrient input program consisting of energy, technical instructions, valid data, facilities and allocation of funds has not been good. Component of the nutrition program that consists of planning, implementation, coordination, advocacy and monitoring and evaluation is still not good. Output components of nutrition program consisting of eight indicators of achievement SPM field of nutrition is still not good. The government is expected to be able to increase the acceptance of Bireuen district health nutrition field. District Health Office is expected to Bireuen to improve training in particular areas of health management nutrition program nutrition programs so that the achievement of SPM, the health center is expected to improve coordination and advocacy as well as nutrition programs so that the output is achieved SPM nutrition programs for the community health centers work in the region.

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