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Lynnth Turyagyenda has completed her Master’s in Public health (MPH) at the age of 26 years from international health sciences university, Uganda following a BSc in Food science and technology from Makerere University, Kampala-Uganda. Currently working as the clinical nutritionist for Uganda-Case Western Reserve University, Research Collaboration.


From the nutritional status, the majorities were normal however, there was a high prevalence of stunting (29.7%). This indicates continuing chronic malnutrition in children. This is an underlying cause of over half of child deaths in many developing countries. Malnutrition affects the physical, mental, social wellbeing and child development. It is also associated with lower enrolment and poor cognitive functioning among children attending school. Malnutrition (under and over nutrition) and related health problems such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases can be prevented through modification of lifestyle e.g., exercising and having a balanced diet. However, if this is not done, malnutrition puts a strain on the already scarce resources in terms of treatment of CVD and other related health issues. A malnourished child becomes a malnourished adult hence reducing productivity overall. This study focused on identifying dietary patterns, prevalence of malnutrition and associated factors hence provides a basis for policy makers in formulating health and nutrition policies and programs nationwide and encourages commitment to the development and enforcement of school feeding programs in Uganda.

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