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Kunle Oni is working at the Department of Food Science & Technology, Federal University Oye-Ekiti Nigeria. Doctor of Philosophy, Food Engineering. Skills and expertise: Food Processing and Engineering, Food Processing, Food Science and Technology, Food Engineering, Food Preservation, Food Technology, Food Production, Food Biotechnology, Post-Harvest Technology, Food Rheology, Physicochemical Properties, Freezing, Food Nanotechnology, Food Irradiation.


Fried yam, akara (beans cake) and fried fish were purchased from three vendors at Gboko motor park, Gboko market and Dangote cement while control samples were self-processed. The samples were subjected to analysis using standard methods; Results of the analysis showed the following: Iron concentration ranged from 0.13mg/kg – 2.04mg/kg; Zinc 0.12mg/kg – 1.21mg/kg; Manganese 0.74mg/kg – 8.13mg/kg; Cadmium 0.03mg/kg – 0.50mg/kg; Lead 0.02mg/kg – 0.11mg/kg; Chromium 0.00mg/kg – 0.05mg/kg for fried yam. Beans cake samples ranged from 0.11mg/kg – 0.31mg/kg for Iron; 0.09 mg/kg – 0.63mg/kg for Zinc; 0.51mg/kg – 3.30mg/kg for manganese; 0.01mg/kg – 0.04mg/kg for Cadmium; 0.02mg/kg – 0.08mg/kg for Lead; and 0.00mg/kg – 0.03mg/kg for Chromium while fried fish samples ranged from 0.10mg/kg - 0.50mg/kg for Iron; 0.16mg/kg – 0.86mg/kg for zinc; 0.86mg/kg – 5.17mg/kg for manganese; 0.02mg/kg – 0.07mg/kg for Cadmium; 0.03mg/kg – 0.13mg/kg for Lead; and 0.00mg/kg – 0.21mg/kg for Chromium. The analytical results showed that samples obtained from Gboko market had the highest level of contaminants which were also above the JECFA standards. Consumers are encouraged to eat foods that are properly covered from environmental contaminants.

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