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He finished doctor course and worked at assistant professor on Tokyo Denki University at 2004. He worked at assistant professor on Sophia University from 2004 to 2009. Now he is working at associate professor on National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College from 2009.


A food processing machine that generates underwater shock waves has been developed at OkNCT. The processing method using a spalling phenomenon, it is different from the conventional processing method. The processing effects are improvement of extractability, softening, and sterilization without heating. In this report, the following contents are reported. 1. The processing mechanism of the spalling phenomenon by underwater shock wave and the optical observation of shock wave. 2. The processing method of this device. 3. A result that some food was processed experimentally by this device. 3. The summary of consecutive driving devices for practical use. When a shock wave goes through the plant, I am divided into a reflection and transmission wave in the interface of the difference of the density. Tension power occurs in this interface. Then, the food is crashed by this phenomenon. Figure shows a food processing machine for test crashing using underwater shock wave. This device consists of a power supply, a processing unit. The pressure vessel in the processing unit, this inside is filled with water, and electrode of two sets are installed in center of vessel. Electric energy charged in a condenser is supplied to an electrode by a gap switch, and a shock wave occurs with electric collapse. The food is covered by a silicone hose, and it is crushed in the atmosphere. We crushed several food by this device, and inspected the processing effect. Results such as the milling flour of rice and the coffee, softening of a meat and a carrot and an apple, the sterilization of a powder are introduced. We developed consecutive operations processing device that practical use was possible.

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