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She has completed her 1st Ph.D at the age of 25 years from the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa. She is a Professor of Food technology of Pisa University. In 2008, she received a “Special Mention” at “Montana Premium” for Food Science Research (with her colleague Venturi F.). She has published more than 100 papers in journals or volumes and serving as a referee for research projects and papers. She was a scientific responsible for an Original Patent (PT2009A000018), an author of two Original Patents of Pisa University. She was Invited Speaker and part of the organizing committee for several national and international workshops and conferences.


When used in optimized proportions, sourdough can improve volume, texture, flavour, and nutritional value of bread, and may increase the shelf life by retarding the staling process and protecting bread from mould and bacterial spoilage (1). In this context, to satisfy the increasing demand for products with higher nutritional value, sourdough bread was fortified with purple potatoes, an ancient cv. Vitelotte, with purple pulp. Changes in nutraceutical properties were estimated analyzing anthocyanin contents, phenolic composition as well as antioxidant power (2, 3). The nutritional and chemical composition, together with the sensory profile were also described, following the methods reported in literature (4, 5). The preliminary results indicate that chemical composition of sourdough bread, as well as sensorial expression, might be greatly influenced by the addition of purple potato floor. In particular, bread also retained high levels of phenols, explaining its higher antioxidant activity compared to the traditional sourdough bread, and suggests that Vitelotte can represent a good source of phenols for the fortification of bread.

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