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Public health nutrition is any sorted out measure to advance wellbeing, avert illness and draw out the life of a populace as indicated by the World Health Organization. Public Health Nutrition (PHN) is a territory of focus underscoring the utilization of sustenance and nourishment information, arrangement, and research to the change of the strength of populaces. Public Health Nutrition was set up to secure the prosperity of an entire populace as opposed to a solitary person. Public Health nutritionists eliminating a disease or health issue among a community by educating communities through nutrition education.

  • Nutrition quality on consumer health
  • Effect of social and behavioural factors on nutrition
  • Food allergy and intolerance
  • Nutritional awareness and counselling programs
  • Health policies and implementation
  • Ready-to-use therapeutic Food
  • Public Health Research
  • Energy Balance and Weight Management

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