Superfood and Functional Foods

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Functional foods are foods that have enhanced or additional benefits over and above their basic nutritional value! They can be natural or processed! They  are whole foods that have a complex and nutrient-rich composition that provide well-being beyond what the body simply needs to survive. Superfoods are usually rich in phytochemicals, which are chemicals that are known for having disease-fighting properties. But what make the Superfoods Super. Are they really super or is I just a non-medical marketing term that refers to foods supposed to be unusually beneficial for health because they are rich in some particular antioxidant or other nutrient. 

Carotenoids- Alpha & Beta Carotene, Lutein, Lycopene

Dietary Fibre- Beta, Flavonoids and Flavones Glucans

Plant Sterols

Dietary Fibres

Quality Ingredients

Functional Food ingredients and bioactive compounds

Technologies for characterization and development of functional food

Functional Food in relation to non-communicable diseases

Safety, regulation and market studies of functional food

Traditional & Novel foods

Superfood and Functional Foods Conference Speakers

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