Food Technologies and Processing

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Food processing is the transformation of crude fixings, by physical or compound means into sustenance, or of sustenance into different structures. Food processing consolidates crude sustenance fixings to create attractive nourishment items that can be effectively arranged and served by the buyer. Rising innovations which have effectively found in the sustenance business or related segment are High weight preparing, beat electric fields, ultrasound, and chilly plasma .The essential standards of these advances and also the cutting edge concerning their effect on organic cells, proteins, and nourishment constituents. Present and potential applications will be examined, concentrating on process-structure-work connections, and late advances in the process improvement.

  • Food Packaging and Processing Technology
  • Food dehydration technology
  • Dairy technology
  • Novel food packaging techniques
  • Food engineering and Trends in modern food processing
  • Food preservation technology and quality control
  • Food processing industries and practices

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